My people call me Tam

And I believe in love and happily ever afters

I spend my days in rural Zambia where our proper jobs once brought us. Pete and I didn’t think we’d stay here long: after all our hearts are in the Cape where we studied and met each other! We had a crazy-wild desire to see the world so we’d given up some of the comforts of the familiar life to live the traveler’s dream. Except, in this forgotten corner of one of Africa’s great but neglected countries we found home.

We have two precious children: a 2 year old son and a brand new baby daughter. This is my season of mothering. I have accepted that I cannot have it all, right now. All the success coaches of the world tell me I can have a thriving business and care for these little people. But if you’re anywhere near my season, with tiny kids, you’ll probably understand why I’m not wired to want more right now. I’m all in, mothering my babies. They are the essence of my days.


The photos and photography that I am drawn to are a respite. I don’t do well with the world: I struggle amidst the chaos and sadness and vast want. But through the photos I make, I get to frame the world how I see it. I get to focus on the beauty, the happiness, the companionship, the joy and all the things that make the world wonderful. Growing up my family always called me an irrational idealist, naïve maybe. It’s the only way I know. So photographing families and weddings and joyful times was a natural progression for me. I love curating beautiful images and surrounding myself with uplifting and inspiring souls. I believe in love and I believe that we can live in a world where we celebrate our connections and differences. That’s what I’m here to do.

I know great love firsthand

I met Peter in Cape Town while we were still students studying engineering, under the hopeful gaze of the most beautiful mountain in the world. I honestly cannot tell you the first time I noticed him nor the exact day we met. What I can tell you is that about 3 years later we fell in love, slowly, gradually and without even knowing it. Then one inconspicuous day the realisation knocked me clean off my feet and I knew that our story was about to take a great big turn. It hasn’t been an easy journey; yet we have triumphed. Pete and I are simply more similar than we are different.

We married in March 2012 in the company of our closest family, very close to that same mountain that willed our match, many years before. I know that fairytales do exist; this man makes me sure of that.

Film photography is where I'm at

It inspires me like no other photographic medium or genre does

I have a deep and abiding love for luminous images in delicate pastel hues and I tried for a long time to emulate that when I post processed my digital images. It took many years of self doubt to realise that the aesthetic I loved was exactly what film could create: in beautiful soft light film produces tones and lightness that bring me ultimate joy in images. And if that image whispers about a moment in time, then there can be nothing better.

Film photography is so much of what digital photography is not, and my old soul gravitates to that. It’s slow. It’s not tack sharp (this drives my wildlife photographer husband nuts). And I love it. I also love the lost joy of waiting for images to be returned from the lab. To see what has been hidden all that time. To see what was forgotten during the passing of days. Just to see.