Film is timeless

I have always been drawn to film images and their timeless aesthetic. Film has a way of making a subject ethereal. There is a very raw beauty that you just don’t get with digital images. Yes, it is possible to edit digital images to look like film. I have always been weary of editing images to look so wholly different than the original. There has to come a point when that editing will date. And photos are snapshots of the past to be recorded for history and remembrance and a physical reminder of what physically was. Photos also frame our memories and often the memory in our minds is overshadowed by the physical content of the images: images are imprints of our memories. I don’t want to be changing those photos so that they are so fundamentally different than the original. And that’s another reason I simply love film: I love it as it comes. I don’t have a darkroom but I do trust my lab to produce a beautiful image that needs only a little tweaking from me.

Aren’t we past all that?

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with digital. Of course I love the instantaneous results, the ability to shoot with no limits and the freedom that brings. But oh the volume! The sheer quantity of images! It overwhelms me. Perhaps because at heart I’m more comfortable with my images in print and not on a disc… floppy discs… you know… we were still using them 15 years ago. I like my images printed and printing all those digital images is overwhelming (I’ve developed a system of printing my digital photos in yearbooks; I’m very proud of them and they’re what I’d grab in a fire for sure). But today, the film labs deliver your images in the form of digital scans. So having the negatives and scans is very powerful- you can almost guarantee that your images are going nowhere.

Film helps me to see

I really slow down, consider each and every click of my shutter button and shoot with intent. It is a more focused approach to life, composition and eternity.

Film is expensive to shoot especially when you consider that it needs to be bought in from, and processed in the USA or UK. So I don’t rely solely on film. I do still shoot digital but film has a magical quality that makes it my medium of choice. I am lucky enough to have a photographer husband who keeps our digital kit filled with professional Canon equipment. I shoot film with a Canon EOS1V-HS the very last professional 35mm film camera Canon produced. I use it with our range of Canon L series lenses and I just love the results.

Take a look around this site. Most of what you see is shot on film, though not all of it. I always love to create with film and I love chatting to kindred film spirits (or just anyone who likes the concept or aesthetic of it). I think that if you’re drawn to the aesthetic of film, its easy to get drawn into the exquisitely subtle philosophy of it too. If you like what you see here and are interested in working together and want to talk about the details, send me a message and we can Skype.